Monday, November 15, 2010

Update - last leg of BC beauty

Hey there. Yeah you - I'm talkin' to you.

The tour has gone really well and we have actually had some
extra shows thrown in visa v a few Whistler open mics (where
we sold/gave away some cd's). JD and I have enjoyed Whistler
immensely as Warren and Trish have been dynamite 'hosts
with the mosts'.

Tonight marks our final show in BC as we are playing at the
Cellar Jazz & Social Club in Vancouver (for more info on
the event, click here). It will also be our last show with Trish.
Playing live with the three of us has been a real trip down
memory lane mixed with a great blending of musical maturity
that has taken place since we last saw each other. So if you're
anywhere near van or have friends or family in the region,
please let them know about tonight's show (starts at 830 pm).

Tomorrow, JD and I will begin the long trek back east.
Wednesday the 17th, we play at Beatniq Jazz & Social Club
in Calgary.

Think of us as we brave the cold (and hopefully un-icy)
November roads.

Thanks for all of your texts, messages, emails, phone calls
and support along the way. Keep em' comin!


  1. Very cool man. Have a great show.

  2. You guys are about to enter the heartland of a tough people. Prairie people. Tough earth, even tougher views. Raise a mug and don't be afraid to drop the gloves. Good luck lads.

  3. Keep the trail burning and light up the prairie skies.

  4. great to see you guys in frozen Calgary!