Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Long Overdue

So gang - you'll have to forgive me. I know I said I'd write often
but, well...life on the road, ya know? It messes with any schedule
or woulda-shoulda-coulda. You just go. You move. You live.

I'll try and sum up the past few days.

After Osoyoos, everything has been pretty peaches and cream.

NOV 4 - The Chophouse, Whistler, BC

Setting up our own sound (which we had to lug up 3 flights of
stairs!) seemed a big task but the payoff was huge (not to mention
that we had only seen Trish for about an hour before the show
and it was the first time JD had even seen her in 10 years! (I had
my decade plus catch-up session with Trish last summer). There
were a good chunk of folks out in the intimate space of the
Chophouse. We had some amazing craft beers and prime rib
pizza (low-carb, obviously!) given to us and played a really fun
and collaborative set. Even more mind-blowing was the fact
that neighbours of mine from 20 years ago showed up (7 of them)
and cheered and glowed from the crowd. Amazing people, too.
Hearts of gold, that Davis-Hoppe clan. Great to see all of them.

NOV 5 - The Minstrel Cafe, Kelowna

Luckily, after a great sleep, Trish decided to bomb across the
mountains with us from Whistler to Kelowna (a stretch of
highway that is called 'The Duffy' and is 428 k but takes over
6 hrs to cross) which meant we could rip across it in her GMC
Envoy as opposed to putting JD's van through its paces. AND
we got to have the lovely, honey-voiced Trish to sing and
play with us for another night. The room was packed -probably
70 people were out for dinner and we played our darndest
(and maybe one of our finer sets of the tour). We even
cracked out a rousing version of 'Rollin, Rollin, Rollin'
which was a lot of fun to play and have Trish and JD sing
and play on. The staff and manager were very cool and
we grabbed some Burger King to celebrate before sleeping
in Summerland, once again.

NOV 6 - The Howe Sound Brew Pub, Squamish

Some of the best beers around have to be from this place - If
you're ever in the region, I suggest the 'Total Eclipse of the
Hop' variety. Beautiful. Great venue. Lots of wood. Pubby.
They make their own beer. Nuff said.
We jumped into our set after some lovely food and brew
(and after showering in our complimentary hotel rooms!)
and rocked the Squamish night. The crowd was a bit spread
out but those who stuck around, had a great time and told
us about it. (You can even read about it in the Squamish
local rag - The Squamish Chief - you can read about it here).

NOV 7 - Cafe Deux Soleils, Vancouver

The little nook of Cafe Deux Soleils, set right on 'the ave' in
Vancouver, is a cool spot with a nice sounding room. We
played to a decent crowd for a sunday night (maybe 30 or
40 folks - about 80% full) and it was a fun night, complete
with Chocolate vegan cake. We said goodye to Trish and
Warren (our road compadres) and hit the trail for the island.

NOV 8 - Duncan Garage Showroom, Duncan

One of the oddest but most beautiful venues I've ever seen.
Theatre seating - uber-pro sound set up. You can even
watch the whole thing online! Longevity John is a character
in every sense of the word. The only shame was that 2 or
3 people showed up. Oh well. Island demographics.
Never easy to predict!

NOV 9 - Laying low

JD and I find ourselves at an old camp friend's pad in
Vancouver. It is nice to be somewhere with a massive tv,
real floors and beds for us.

On to Whistler tomorrow!


  1. Good on yah lads...and Trish too...what a tour keep it up.

  2. Wicked shit. Wicked, wicked shit. Live on. Play until it hurts. Make love with a beer in your hand.