Sunday, November 21, 2010

Saskatchewan Sounds

Well - it's come to this.

JD is back in Winnipeg. Trish is back in Whistler.
And I'm here in lovely Saskatoon finishing up the tour
as a solo performer. Luckily, I have been able to stay
with and re-connect with some old amigos (Mac and Lin)
who live out here. They have been awesome, welcoming
and warm. Faces from home are always welcome on the
road. And to top it off, I even saw an Ottawa friend (who
actually plays in the full Graven band) named Landon
at Amigos in Saskatoon the other night. It was awesome
seeing him.

Bruno is a beautiful (but tiny and isolated) town and
the show at All Citizens was a major highlight of the
tour. A man named Tyler Brett moved to Bruno a
while back and decided to open a music venue/art
consignment store/coffee joint and hasn't looked back.
On a snowy eve, I brought a few friends from 'Toon
(about an hour drive down the road) and Tyler managed
to put the word out and got another 8 or 9 folks from
the community to come out (along with himself and the
current artist in residence - Kerri Reid). The crowd
was so quiet that it was almost eerie - but they were
listening. In a room that only holds 20 or so, there were
about 15 folks there. What a beautiful space. The
show actually took place in a new building that Tyler
just took over called the Bruno Arts Bank (it's actually
an old Royal Bank building complete with a vault in the
back and everything - sweet photo opp).

I'll be posting some pics and videos from that show
very soon. Stay tuned!

Tonight is the last show here in Saskatoon at Cafe Sola.
It starts at 830 pm - spread the word if you know
anyone in the region! After tonight, I'll be spending a
day decompressing here in Sask and then flying home
to Port Hope (via the Toronto airport) on Tuesday.

'What a rush. What a ride.
Door is open. Step inside.
Walk on by and never know.
One day summer. Next is snow.'

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  1. Enjoyed the tales from the road. A journey well frothed in beer foam.